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Tuesday 1000 - 1700 hrs
Wednesday 1000 - 1700 hrs
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Friday 1000 - 1700 hrs
Saturday 1000 - 1700 hrs
Sunday 1000 - 1700 hrs

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How about a custom fit set of clubs?

As Tom Wishon's exclusive fitter, you can have Tony build you your very own bespoke clubs á la "True Custom Fitting".
Whether Woods, Irons or Putters. From Novice to Pro, clubs can be made for all skill levels.

Find all information to True Custom Fitting here:

> True Custom Fitting

Repair Service

We offer a club repair service in a fully modern equipped workshop at the Driving Range.

New grips can be refitted within 24 hours, even faster by appointment. Broken clubs can be fitted with new shafts.
We measure the loft and lie of your clubs and re-fit them. Clubs can be shortened or lengthened.

Let us advise you!