Etiquette & Course Rules

Basic Rules

  • The 18-hole Course "Forest Pines" is open to all golfers with a current HCP of 54 or better.

  • Golf beginners must complete an introductory round with a member who is familiar with the course layout.

  • Denim jeans are not permitted on the 18-hole course. Please wear appropriate clothing for the sport with a collar.

  • The 9-hole Course "Old Course" is a public golf course and playable without a course permit or handicap.

  • Golf rules and etiquette must be observed at all times!

  • Sharing golf clubs from a bag is not permitted.

  • Please put back divots on the fairways & repair pitch marks on the greens.

  • Dogs are allowed on both courses, but please keep them on a leash at all times.

  • If you are holding up following players, please let them play through.

  • In the clubhouse, please remove head coverings.


Rules of etiquette during the game

While the ball is being "addressed" by the player, no one should move, speak or stand close to or directly behind the ball this also applies on the green.


Pace of Play

Playing without delays is in the best interest of all golfers. Do not endanger players by playing too close or "running up".  Always play a provisional ball if you cannot be sure of finding your first ball immediately.  You have a maximum of 3 minutes to look for your ball before letting subsequent players play through!  If a group of players looses more than one hole to the group ahead, you should let subsequent players play through.


Priorities on the Course

If no special rules are granted, two-ball flights have priority over three-ball and four-ball flights and the right to pass. On weekends, four-ball flights have priority over three-ball and two-ball flights between 1000hrs and 1500 hrs.