Tender of the B. A. Golfclub Sennelager

For competitions and RPR rounds (Registered Private Round) at the B. A. GC Sennelager

Binding nature of the association regulations

Golf is played according to the Official Golf Rules (incl. Amateur Statute) of the German Golf Association e. V. and the course rules of the B. A. Sennelager Golf Club. The competitions are organised on the basis of the EGA standard system.


Members with a maximum handicap of -36 are eligible to take part in a competition (no maximum handicap applies on the Old Course or for RPR rounds). Should individual changes be valid for a competition (guests are permitted, lowering or raising of the maximum handicap), this will be announced with the announcement of the respective competition.

Publication of the Notice of Competition

The entry list is usually published 14 days before the date of the competition. The competition management is responsible for this. By entering his name in the entry list, the player agrees to the use of his personal data (including surname, first name, name of home club) for the preparation and publication of entry, start and result lists as described in clauses to of the Admission and Membership Guidelines of the German Golf Association. (AMR). The AMR as amended from time to time can be viewed at the Club secretariat or on the Internet at www.golf.de/dgv/verbandsordnung.cfm.

Entry deadline

Official entry deadline (without After-Work or Midweek-Stableford) is 48 hours before the start of the tournament, or will be announced in the respective announcement. Individual, subsequent entries (after the closing date) are possible in exceptional cases at the office. In these cases, the office reserves the right to charge an increased (up to 10%) entry fee due to increased administrative costs. Players will be placed on a waiting list. It is at the discretion of the match management to admit the entries (depending on the organisational effort).

Minimum number of participants

For an announced tournament to be able to start, the following minimum numbers of participants are stipulated:

For all individual tournaments - 12 participants

For four-person tournaments - 16 participants

Drawing of lots, seeding, starting time, composition of player groups

The starting list is drawn up on the basis of the entry list with the help of the tournament management software. The tournament management can check that pairs and family members playing from outside the club can start at an appropriate time interval.

In the case of sponsor tournaments, special arrangements can be made in consultation with the club management. The classes are divided in such a way that an approximately equal number of players take part in each class, unless a sponsor specifies this.

The classes will be announced by posting the starting list on the information board / results board of the golf club.

Tee times

If a player does not show up for the start without an excuse or withdraws after the registration deadline for this tournament, he is not exempt from paying the registration fee. An unexcused absence will also incur a penalty of a suspension from one tournament (usually the next tournament for which he could register).

A player must be ready to play at his start time, which is shown on the start list. If a player arrives at the starting venue ready to play within five minutes of his tee time, he shall, unless the remission of the penalty of disqualification is justified under Rule 33-7, be penalised for missing his tee time as follows:

  • Hole Play: Loss of hole on first hole
  • Count Play: Two strokes on first hole
  • Penalty for being more than 5 minutes late: Disqualification

The starting time is the time stated on the start list or the time of the call for play/play group by the starter, whichever is later.

The starter should ask all players in a play group for their agreement to play according to the "Ready Golf Rules" before the start of the round. If one or more players do not agree, "ready golf" will not be played. Ready golf" is not played in hole competitions or match plays.

Suspension of play

Notwithstanding the suspension of play by the player himself (Rule 6-8a.), the match committee may suspend play in the event of "dangerous situations". If the match committee has suspended play because of danger, players must stop play immediately. They may not resume play until the match committee has ordered a resumption. If a player fails to interrupt play immediately, he shall be disqualified.

Signals for interruption of play according to Rules 6-8:

  • Immediate interruption of play due to danger: One long beep.
  • Interruption of play due to weather: Three short beeps.
  • Resumption of play: Two short beeps, repeated.


In Strokeplay, a player may not play a practice stroke on or near the green of the last hole played. Penalty for violation: Two penalty strokes on the next hole; in case of violation on the last hole of the round, on that hole.


Caddies are allowed as long as the player announces his caddie to the match management before the start of his round. The other players in the group should also be informed before the start of the round.


A player and his caddie must walk at all times during the scheduled round, unless short term driving/co-driving is specifically permitted by the Match Committee. However, players with a medical certificate or recognised severe disability are permitted to play the round using an electric cart. The Committee reserves the right to prohibit the use of electric carts altogether due to weather conditions.

Penalty for breach of this rule:

  • Hole play - loss of a hole for each hole on which the breach is found to have occurred, up to a maximum of 2 holes.
  • Stroke play - two strokes on each hole on which the breach is found to have occurred, up to a maximum of 4 strokes per round.

If the infringement is committed between two holes, the infringement shall take effect on the next hole; if it is on the last hole, on that hole.
The player must stop using the vehicle immediately after the infringement is established, failing which he shall be disqualified in both stroke play and counting play.

Search time

A player may not search for a ball for more than three minutes. If the player does not find the ball within this time, the ball is considered lost and the player must bring a new ball into play from the original position (Rule 27-1). If the pace of play is delayed by the search, the playing group is obliged to allow the following players to pass. If, in the opinion of the referee, a playing group has lost touch with the preceding group of players, the playing group shall be admonished to increase the pace of play.

Scoring Area

The scorecards must be handed in at the scoring area (club secretary's office / pro shop) immediately after the completion of the round of golf. When leaving this scoring area, the card is considered to be handed in and can no longer be changed (signature etc.)

End of the Match, Presentation Ceremony, Posting of the Results List

The competition shall be deemed to have ended 30 minutes after the posting of the results list. For the sake of sporting fairness, the participants of a competition are requested to take part in the prize-giving ceremony. In order to preserve the claim to a prize in the event of absence from the prize-giving ceremony, the player is obliged to sign out with the Games Management. The match management reserves the right, especially in the case of sponsor tournaments, to pass on prizes from players who are absent from the award ceremony without excuse to persons present.


Unless otherwise stated, in the event of equal scores, a play-off will be held over the holes with the handicap distributions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 18. (On the "Forest Pines" these are the holes 14-10-16-15-12-4-9-1-7.)If after a play-off over 9 holes no decision has been made, the play-off shall be carried out over the holes with the default distributions 1, 3, 5, 14, 16 and 18 or, if the scores are still equal, the holes with the default distribution 1, 3, 18 and finally, if the scores are still equal, the course with default distribution 1. In the event of a tie after 18 holes, play shall continue on hole 1 until one party has won a hole. The handicap strokes shall be the same as for the first 18 holes.

Electronic means of communication

Mobile phones with internet access (smartphones) are so widespread and have become so widely accepted that a separate rule for these devices has become superfluous. It goes without saying that a player may not disturb other competitors or opponents on the court by using a telephone, just as he may not do so by talking to a physically present interlocutor. Any infringements shall be dealt with in the same way as any other disturbance, if necessary. In the case of disruptive use of a telephone, the normal rules of etiquette apply with regard to consideration for other players. Since the use of a smartphone as a range finder is now also permitted, a betting condition that restricts the use of telephones is also prohibited. However, only functions that serve as rangefinders may be used.
The use of functions that could give the player a further advantage (altitude difference, temperature, wind speed, etc.) will lead to the disqualification of the player. Other functions that do not violate a rule or etiquette are permitted (photo to document regulation balls, etc.).

Subject to change

If a matter is not regulated by the invitation to tender, the match management shall decide on an equitable basis.