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At the British Army GC Sennelager, taster golf courses are held every Sunday from April to October from 14:00 to approx. 16:00. This is fun for everyone. Families, couples and singles are individually coached for approx. 2 hours. Not only are the various practice shots tried out on the so-called driving range, but the public Old Course is also used to play a few holes. 

Those who want to get to know the 18-hole Forest Pines Course can drive around the course in a golf cart. This is not only fun for the little tasters.


From 11 April - 31 October 2021 every Sunday from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Individual dates can also be booked for groups of 4 or more.

Price per person €19.00
Price for families only €39.00
Prices include practice balls, rental clubs, use of course and supervision.



The Platzreife (course allowance) is proof that you are able to play on a golf course without damaging it and unduly hindering other flights (groups of players). It also includes knowledge of the most important golf rules and etiquette (rules of conduct on the golf course). After acquiring the PE, you may play on almost any golf course. It corresponds to a handicap of -54.

Entry Offer:

Number of people: 3 - 6
Instruction in warming up for the game of golf, set up and swing in the short and long game - explanation, demonstration, review, instruction in initial rules and etiquette issues. During the duration of the course you can use all the practice facilities at our facility free of charge, including the clubs on loan. Strategy and tactics training on the course.

Costs per person:

24 training units of 30 minutes each = € 199.00
With a course for 2 persons the price p. p. increases to € 299.00
Individual appointments from 2 persons possible at any time!

Course Allowance 2021

Your first year in the club!

For your first year as a member of the British Army Golf Club Sennelager we have a special deal for you! The taster membership! You can join at any time for 12 months. As a taster member you have full playing rights on all practice facilities and courses, provided you have the course allowance (HCP). Without a course allowance, only the 9-hole Old Course may be played. A one-time association fee of € 25.00 is due per calendar year, as well as a gastronomy consumption fee of € 75.00, which is issued as a consumption voucher.

The taster membership includes 2 coaching lessons of 30 minutes each and 10 ball tokens for the driving range.
You get all this for € 50,00 per month!

Pricelist BAGC

Memberships Price
Full membership over 36 yrs € 1061.00
Full membership under 35 yrs € 750.00
Taster membership (12 months) € 50.00 monthly
Weekday membership Mon. - Tue. € 650.00
9-hole membership Old Course € 749.00
Second Membership € 499.00
Junior up to 27 yrs € 450.00
Student up to 27 yrs € 284.00
Junior 19 - 21 yrs € 250.00
Junior 0 - 19 yrs € 0.00 - € 190.00

British Forces get special discounted memberships, please contact the office  05252/35794 or email info@sennelagergolfclub.de.