First Hole in One Forest Pines 2020

4BBB - A birdie wasn't enough to win the hole!!

Herbert Schröder and his playing partner Christoph Dierkes played their 4BBB Knock out match against Al Finch and Jamie Sherwin.

The match was very close and competitive, and at the 12th hole Al Finch hit a great shot into the flag and was guaranteed a birdie, then stepped up Herbert and hit the perfect shot, straight into the hole for his first hole in one. 

He followed that up with a birdie on 13th and eventually Herbert and Christoph won the match on the last hole.

It was a day that he will never forget, Independance Day Saturday 4th July 2020.

Herbert we all look forward to share a glass of the nice stuff with you!!

Congratulations on a great achievement!!