Our Golf Club was purposely built as a recreation facility for the soldiers and their families.  Since then the future of the club has progressed and now the focus is on working for the youth for the future of our club.

Year after year more and more German golfers had the opportunity in joining the British Army golf club. In 1993 training began with 3 children.  Since then we now have a thriving junior section of 60 children, with about 40 children take part in active training and enter competitions.

Today our club continues to build the Junior Section with the combination of British and German families and their children.  The chance to play our 9 hole course without a handicap and a membership for the little ones playing a 4 hole course is a great opportunity for them.   

Our vision is to increase and integrate the children of both British and German to learn the lovely game of golf and for the future that they become full members of our club.  For us the trainers it does not matter whether the children have a special talent for the game of sport or whether they just enjoy playing the game, the sport will bring the children character and learn from other children and can only be good for their future.