Termine 2021

Informationen und Registrierung:

2021 Fixtures List (July).pdf

Informationen zu unseren Turnieren sowie eine Anmeldemöglichkeit sind online über den Link  www.mygolf.de  möglich. Hier findet man auch seine Startzeiten sowie die Ergebnisse.

Zur erstmaligen Registrierung benötigt man die DGV Karte, die für unsere Mitglieder jeweils am Anfang eines Jahres im Büro zur Abholung bereit liegt. Hilfe bei der MyGolf Anmeldung bekommt man im Clubbüro.

Wer sich nicht online anmelden möchte, kann für Anmeldungen weiterhin unser Turnierboard im Clubhaus benutzen. Dort werden auch die Startzeiten sowie Turnierergebnisse veröffentlich.


How to register on mygolf.de


Mygolf is a free information organisation for golf players.  Every golfer who is a member of a DGV golf club are eligible to register.  Already there are over 240,000 people registered.  Once you have registered with mygolf you will have access to many golfing subjects such as:

Home Club

Club news/information

Competition fixtures


Holes in one

Competition information

My Handicap

Handicap information

Rank in club

Handicap statistics

Actual handicap

Player’s statistics

Club tournament

Competition fixtures

Competition registration

Start times

Results of competitions

If you wish to register with mygolf and have access of all the above subjects then follow these simple steps.

1.   Log into the club website www.sennelagergolfclub.de

2.   Click on the menu CLUB button

3.   Click on the Fixtures button

4.   Click on the link www.mygolf.de

You will be transferred to the mygolf.de website.

5.   On the screen you will see a box that says JETZT NEU REGISTRIEREN.

6.   In the box where it says Vornahme write your Christian name.

7.   In the box where it says Nachnahme write your surname.

8.   In the box where it says DGV-Ausweiss-Nr refer to your DGV card which you have been issued and write in the numbers as per the card.

9.   Click the green button ANMELDEN to register.

10. The next page will ask you for your e-mail details and your preferred name which you want use every time you login to mygolf.de

11. Type in your e-mail address

12. Confirm your e-mail address.

13. Click on the green button that says WEITER.

14. You will then be directed to a page that is asking you if you wish to be notified on many subjects. If you want to be informed of any of them all you have to do is click the required box.

15. Once you have made your choices or not click the box that says Ich habe die Datenschutzbestimmungen.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green button that says WEITER.

16. You will now be directed to another page which is a declaration page.  Tick the box in paragraph 2 and then click the green button that says WEITER.

17. The next page informs you that an e-mail has been sent to you confirming your registration.  

Click the green button that says WEITER.    

CONGRATULATIONS you have now registered.

Please check your e-mails to see if you have received notification of registration from mygolf.de

It is recommended that you save this e-mail in a safe place as it contains your initial password which you need to use for the first time when you log on to mygolf.de

Important:  You need to login to mygolf.de within 48 hours of registration otherwise it will automatically cancel your application.

When you log on to mygolf.de for the first time:

Log on through the clubs website or directly use the www.mygolf.de

On the home page you will see a box on the left hand side that says:  HIER EINLOGGEN

1.   Type in your details and use the password as per the e-mail received from mygolf.de

2.   Click on the green button that says ANMELDEN.

3.  You will now be asked if you wish to change your password. (mein neues Passwort sollt lauten widerholung). 

4.   Type in your new password and click WEITER.  Then click on the www.mygolf.de link

If you forget your login details or password click on the button Passwort vergessen in the login box

You have now completed the registration and are permitted to use the webpage and check out all your details or other information within the DGV.

If you click on the button that says HEIMATCLUB this will open options for you to browse.

If you are unable to register or are having problems finding information, please call into the Manager's office who will be more than happy to help.